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Floor Plans


Tree floor plans for our 3 ½

Larger than life

Charming 3 and a half, open floor to offer you a friendly and comfortable living space. Most of the apartments are favorably located and offer exceptional views of the St. Lawrence River and the city of Montreal or Montérégie.


In addition to the breathtaking views of the river, this 3 and a half offers a dining room adjacent to the kitchen and double living room. This apartment is also a real favorite when you discover its openness and its inviting appearance.

Even more

This Floor Plan is the largest of our 3 and a half. It offers a clearance and opening comparable to much larger apartments. You will most definitely fall for this apartment beauty.

Two floor plans for our 4 ½

Always more

If you are looking for a 4 and a half, a simple visit will convince you. With its fenestration, the location of the building, the services and the extraordinary view of the River, Montreal and Montérégie, this apartment will charm you.

What asked for more

The largest of our 4 and a half, this apartment offers two bedrooms, one of which is adjacent to the master bedroom and thus intended for their personal use. This apartment offers a wonderful view of Montérégie, Saint-Lambert’s Downtown and Saint Helen’s Island and the River.

Tree floor plans for our 5 ½

We want larger

If you need more bedrooms and a little more space than a 4 and a half can offer, here is a 5 and a half that just waiting to please you with the breathtaking view of Montérégie , downtown Saint-Lambert and Île Sainte-Hélène.

We want even larger

This beautiful apartment will satisfy your need for space with its 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and its outstanding location. Do not forget the wonderful view of the city of Montreal and the St. Lawrence River.

We can’t ask for anything more

Located on the south-west corner of the building, our largest apartments and without exception those offering the most magnificent view of the city of Montreal, the Casino de Montréal and the St. Lawrence River with transparent body guards leading directly into the living room. These units offer space suitable even for a large family.

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